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Aug 16, 2023


OP Auto Clicker is an app that lets you configure auto-clicking on your computer. This app is very easy to customize since it has exactly the right options so that this automation doesn’t give you a major headache.

To start using OP Auto Clicker, you don’t have to install anything since this is a portable app. Just open it to choose the click interval you need in different time units. And the options don’t stop there. You can also select which button on the mouse to emulate, the click type, and the repetition cadence. In the last section, you choose the number of times you want this task to repeat or if you're going to repeat the clicks until you tell it to stop.

This app lets you choose the cursor's location that emulates the clicks: whether this is its current location or a different one that you can easily select by clicking on the screen.

OP Auto Clicker is a fantastic app to schedule clicks automatically for a variety of tasks, particularly videogames. Plus, this app is open source and takes up very little space on your computer.

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Frequent questions

What's the point of apps like OP Auto Clicker?

With OP Auto Clicker, you can simulate the clicking of a mouse with the left, right, or center buttons. You can let it run infinitely or use a command to stop it whenever you want.

Can an antivirus detect OP Auto Clicker?

There are some antiviruses that might detect false positives related to OP Auto Clicker, but the program is 100% safe.

Can a game's anti-cheating system detect OP Auto Clicker?

Some games can detect the use of external programs and macros. But even the ones that don't detect it still have "automated" input limitations. For example, some shooters don't let you fire faster than each weapon's rate of fire.

What is the minimum interval between clicks with OP Auto Clicker?

In OP Auto Clicker, you can set the intervals between clicks anywhere from every 1 millisecond to every 24 hours.

How can I get OP Auto Clicker on my PC?

To get OP Auto Clicker on your PC, download the file from the Uptodown website, where you can find all the versions of this tool thanks to its archive. The program is available for free.

How do I get rid of OP Auto Clicker?

To get rid of OP Auto Clicker on your computer, search for the program from the Windows control panel. After that, click the "Uninstall program" button to remove all the files from your device.

How do I activate OP Auto Clicker?

To activate OP Auto Clicker after it's installed on your computer, set up the type of clicking you want by determining its frequency and speed. Once everything's set up, it will stay activated in order to work.

What is OP Auto Clicker for?

OP Auto Clicker is used to automate mouse clicks on certain parts of your computer screen. You can set it up and customize it however you want to make the most of its features.

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beautifulorangecamel4443 3 months ago

I didn't use this autoclick, but when my brother used it I decided to try installing

3 Reply awesomeredleopard85617 8 months ago

why u change it??? i can't use it now is impossible

48 Reply awesomewhitemonkey59377 8 months ago

I love

11 Reply fastwhitefrog83342 9 months ago

too good

13 Reply beautifulyellowspider58822 11 months ago

this is the best autoclicker that I downloaded convenient and normal very cool 5 stars

27 Reply heavyredpapaya67826 11 months ago


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